The McFarlands

Kelly and Laura:

Laura met Kelly at an Ohio University bar one Halloween.  Kelly was dressed as Nightwing in a suit he made himself and that was the night that Laura decided he would be hers.  Just kidding, he looked ridiculous and they didn’t start dating until a year later.

They bonded over movies, TV and music and eventually developed a kick ass karaoke reputation.  Soon they were married and not long after they found out that they were having a baby!  In true nerd fashion, Kelly and Laura named him after a character created by Joss Whedon.  

Once the Nerd Child was mostly self sufficent they decided office life wasn’t for them.  Apparently wine drinking isn’t a viable profession, so they thought a comic shop would be right up their alley.  

Laura rallied for a boutique aesthetic giving the shop a cozy, contemporary, hipster feel that makes everyone excited to hang out and to part with their money in exchange for nerd gear.

Our most iconic store features is “Bert”, the logo that dons the store front and all of the shop gear.  Bert was designed by the one and only Nerd Child.   Jason Kincaid, a Columbus artist tweaked and polished Bert and it became the badass symbol you can find all over the shop today!

Kelly and Laura couldn’t be where they are today without the community around them and they are so grateful to all those who have helped them get up and running.   A special thanks to their parents, family, employees, the Staas family and those two little scamps Caleb Howell and Chelsea Heimlich who take all of their beautiful pictures and run the social media sites to ensure you have the 411 on comics in Delaware.